Friday, June 29, 2012

Long time no see, I mean blog...

Sorry I've been MIA; there has been a lot going on and we've been a couple of busy bees. I have a lot of house projects to catch y'all up on but first I'll start with our 10 day vacation.

Matt and I just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on June 6th and to celebrate we took a trip, actually kind of 2 trips. I call it a vacation within a vacation. We left on Saturday June 2nd to head to Massachusetts to visit Matt's family up there, some who we hadn't seen since 2009. We stayed at his grandmas house while we were there. For our anniversary, which was that Wednesday, we wanted to get away and do a many trip just the two of us to celebrate. We've each been so busy with our own things it seems like we hadn't had any time to ourselves in a long time. So on Tuesday we rented a car and decided to head to Cape Cod. On our way there we made a 2 stops, one in Salem and one in Boston. Salem is just one of this places you have to see. I want to go back and spend a couple more days there. Then we stopped in Boston (worst traffic ever) but is also a great city. After our stop in Boston we continued on to the Cape. We spent all day Wednesday (our anniversary) exploring Cape Cod and spent a lot of time in Provincetown. Cape Cod is beautiful! It's something you can't see anywhere else. It's definitely a place we can't wait to go back to. Most of our time at Cape Cod involved checking out the many beaches and eating, of course. On Thursday we got up to head back to Matt's grandmas and on our way back we made stops in Plymouth and Providence, Rhode Island. We were exhausted once we got back to his grandmas but our trip within a trip was so fun and much needed. The rest of our vacation was just as fun visiting Matt's family. We even took a trip to Cooperstown, NY with Matt's grandma and uncle, the day after we got back from the Cape; can you say exhausted? Anyways, we went to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was so cool! The small town is gorgeous and so quaint.

Lets go back to our stop in Providence, RH. Has anyone else been there? I never thought I'd care to go there, it was just in the area (kinda) so we stopped. Little did I know, we fell in LOVE with the city. It was beautiful. I could definitely live there. It's definitely on our list of place to vacation again.

The much needed vacation was so much fun and busy; it's one of those trips where you need a vacation from your vacation. Seriously.

More picture to come later...

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