Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm in love... with windows!

Yes, I am in love with our new windows. 

Like I stated in my post about our to do list, we had new windows installed. We had all 12 of them replaced. We loved the character of our original windows but they were a pain when it came to opening them. When we first moved in they were actually painted shut. We had to take a knife to them and carefully cut away the paint. But they still didn't open very well; we're talking windows from 1948! And they didn't have screens on them so every time we opened them all the bugs would come in. They didn't look very clean either; there were paint spots all over them.
In our bathroom we had a glass brick window, located in our shower, that I hated! It was very poorly done and was disgusting. We couldn't wait for it to go. 
It was time to invest in some good windows. We went with Window World. We chose them for many reasons but the biggest plus was the lifetime/transferrable warranty they came with. We also liked that they would come out and take exact measurements and would custom make the windows to fit. We found that most place only carry certain sizes and that's all you could choose from. So the guys came out and took the measurements and then we waited about a month until the windows were ready to be installed.

We had some work to do first before they could be installed. Because our bathroom brick window is surrounded by tile we were responsible in removing it. Window World didn't want to be responsible in case the tile broke. But we were happy to do it and we didn't break a tile :) We took a knife and carefully went around the edges and loosened the silicone that was holding the window in. After that we just gave it some good pushes until it fell out. It was pretty easy.
Then it was time for new windows! A team of 3 men showed up around 10am and they were done with all windows around 2pm! We were shocked how fast they were. Here are some shots from the process.
Poor Windows :(
At least they'll be fun for crafts!
Once they started installing the windows we noticed we had a problem. The new windows had the wrong grid pattern on them! They had too many squares and I said they looked like jailhouse windows:
But we went ahead with the install anyways. The guys came back out 2 weeks later to change the sashes (the grids). They were in and out in less than an hour. We couldn't be happier with them, they look so pretty! Now if the dang weather would cool off so we could open them and really enjoy them!

See how much better the right sashes are?
I don't have a good picture of the bathroom window yet but that's a whole 'nother post itself...


  1. That looks fantastic!!! And those old windows.... wow, get ready for lots of crafting/decorating fun!!!

  2. Windows look great! Know how pleased y'all are, especially to replace the bathroom glass! Proud of you two & loving your blog!

  3. The new windows are looking good! I'm glad the contractors were quite fast with the installation. And you're right, investing in the right windows is a necessity.

    Roof Masters


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