Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To Do List...

I am one of those people that has to make lists of what needs to be done or I might go crazy. I make lists for everything; it helps me stay less stressed and organized. Below is a list I've made of projects we want to do to our house. The projects that are highlighted means that we are currently in the process of doing them, and the ones that are marked out  are ones that we've have completed. We don't have a time limit when all of these will be done. They will be done slowly as time and money allows. Heck, some of them may never get done. I'm sure I'm missing something or might even add to it later. I will keep y'all updated on everything!

To Do List
  1.  Fix pavers and gravel in front walkway
  2. Add shutters
  3. Build Pergola over patio
  4. Build a small table connected to pergola
  5. Replace windows
  6. Repaint front patio
  7. Repaint stairs on back patio
  8. Add more outdoor seating
  9. Pave second half of driveway and garage
  10. Organize garage
  11. Turn 2nd half of garage into a hobby room

 Living Room/Dining Room:
  1. Paint living room…again (2nd time)
  2. Paint dining room (2nd time)
  3. Stencil one dining room wall
  4. Add Bamboo shades to windows
  5. Get rug for living room
  6. Add new lighting/Ceiling fan in both
  7. Remove half the wall between dining room and kitchen to make it more open
  8. Build floating corner shelves
  9. Get one more end table
  10. Paint coffee table

  1. Paint kitchen (2nd time)
  2. Repaint kitchen cabinets
  3. Add kitchen cabinets
  4. Replace all knobs on cabinets
  5. Replace kitchen counters
  6. Replace stove with low profile stainless steel one
  7. Add garbage disposal
  8. Add dishwasher
  9. Add bead board
  10. Add Bamboo shades to windows
  11. Make new curtains
  12. Close in weird side porch off kitchen and extend the kitchen out

  1. Paint bathroom (2nd time)
  2. Install fan vent/light
  3. Fix light switch for light above sink
  4. New tile floors
  5. New tile in shower
  6. Take out glass brick window and replace
  7. Get & install new eco toilet from city
  8. Organizing closet in bathroom
  9. Paint the black cabinet and mirror white
  10. Resurface bathtub
  11. Replace old weird tile board with bead board
  12. Install new faucets

 Master Bedroom:
  1. Paint the walls
  2.  Add decorative knobs to dresser 
  3.  Maybe paint dressers?!? 
  4.  Get new bedside tables
  5.  New curtains
  6.  Art work
  7.  Add more storage somehow
  8.  Add a rug

Guest Bedrooms:
  1. Paint guest bedroom
  2. Paint dresser & sewing table
  3. Organize my closets better
  4. Get new bed linens
  5. Add a rug

Office/3rd Bedroom:
  1. Make new curtains
  2. Organize the closet 
  3. Add office storage 
  4. Rug?
  5. Repaint small bookcase
  6. Build window seat

Laundry Room:
  1. Add some artwork 
  2. Organize cabinets better
  3. Paint walls, floor
  4. Replace bead board thats water damaged

 The Whole House:
  1. All new windows
  2. Paint trim and doors
  3. Add crown molding
  4. Refinish wood floors
SO... I guess I better get busy hahaha

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