Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wiener Dogs

Hot dog, doxies, weenie dog, dachshund, or whatever you want to call them, they are the best dogs ever! Matt and I have two mini dachshunds. We call them our fur babies, and our parents even call them their grandkids haha. They are so spoiled but I don't know what I'd do without them. Our two pups have an interesting relationship, Toby who is 7yrs old now is actually Penny's uncle, haha, Penny just turned six.
It is true what they say about dachshunds, they are the most stubborn dogs I know. They're going to do what THEY want to do. One of the biggest things I love about them is they are so dedicated to you, and just want to make you happy. They are very very cuddly, love treats, they have such cool personalities, and love sleeping and when they are asleep they burrow under blankets, ever single time.
Penny thinks she's the boss of Toby, or a matter of fact any animal. She's even tried to take on our neighbors rottweilers; yeah they could eat her! She's a mess. Penny also likes to chase squirrels, I just hope that one day she doesn't actually catch one, that would be the end of that squirrel. Matt calls her my shadow, she has to go wherever I am and always know where I am at all times. People always joke that Penny doesn't know she's a dog.
Now Toby, who actually acts like a dog haha, is the biggest baby. He's my baby. But unlike Penny, Toby loves to play. He could chase balls 24/7. He loves anything that squeaks, and loves those mini tennis balls. When we lived in our last apartment we had a courtyard where everyone took their dogs off the leash and just let them run around. Well one time we were out there Toby found another dog's mini tennis, and what did he do? He grab the ball, ran to the door (we weren't ready to go in yet but we did) and he carried the ball up a flight of stairs and straight to our apartment. It's like he knew he was stealing and had to hurry so he didn't get caught. (There were no other dogs in the courtyard at the time, so finding out who the ball belonged to would have been impossible). He still has the ball and it's still his favorite.
I just love my pups! I'll leave you some pictures of the most adorable pups ever!
Yes they like to climb trees
He did this himself and was sound asleep
 Penny watching our rare snow coming down
I would love to hear about your pups, leave a comment below!

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