Sunday, November 6, 2011

And so it begins...

Hello World!
My name is Meagan; my husband and I live in Fort Worth, Texas; aka Cowtown. I wanted to start a blog to keep friends and family in the loop of what's happening in our lives, and maybe be an inspiration to others out there in this big blog world. It will range from all of my favorite things: happenings at our new house, recipes (I LOVE to cook), photography, Fashion, and dachshunds. We have 2 miniature dachshunds, we call them our fur babies :)

So let's get started with the story behind how we found our perfect house. We started our house searching a long time ago, basically just driving around all different kinds of neighborhoods and really figuring out what we loved in a house. Then after a while we hit the internet, then came time to find a realtor and start looking. I think we looked at about 12 houses over the course of a couple months, and of those 12 we found exactly what we were looking for. Although it didn't start that way...

We found a house that we fell in love with. It was in the perfect neighborhood and beautiful... on the outside. After having the inspection done we found out it needed lots of work, and it was in a flood zone. Being in the flood zone means lots more $$$ because of insurance. But at first it didn't bother us. After going back and forth with the seller trying to get her to fix things, it just became a hassle and we ended up backing out. Although it was a tough decision, through out this process we both had this gut feeling telling us not to go through with it, and we just kept fighting the feeling and trying the push the deal through and ignore all the problems. Then just one night, the last night we had in our option period (where we had to make a decision or not to go through with the deal without being penalized), we both decided it wasn't the right house and we would wait a little longer until looking for another.

Then, one saturday morning in April, we were bored and called up the realtor to ask if she could show us some houses. We weren't in the market to buy, we just wanted to look and compare. So the day started off by seeing 3 houses, they were all a big NO, then came the 4th... As soon as we stepped in the door Matt and I literally looked at each other and we just knew this was going to be THE house. We checked it out and just fell more in love with it after each room. It was everything we were looking for. But remember, "we weren't going to buy a house yet". So we moved on and looked at another house, we had 2 more on our list to see that day. We got to the 5th house, we actually didn't really look at it good; we sat in the living room of this house talking to our realtor about the 4th house. Our realtor said it had only been on the market 9 days, and being in the location it's in, it wasn't going to last long. That's all we needed to hear. We immediately got in our cars, headed to the realtors office and signed a contract. We didn't even bother checking out the last house on our list.

The house buying process couldn't have gone any easier, it was perfect. Our house was built in 1948 so we were expecting some issues when it came to the inspection, and we got nothing. There was nothing that needed to be done to the house! How amazing! It's 1132 sq ft, 3 bedroom, one bath, 2 car garage, and original hard wood floors and windows. It looks like a cute little cottage. We moved in July 9, 2011. We couldn't be any happier with our decision! Moral of the story... listen to your gut and great things happen when you least expect it!

Please continue to follow me, and pass me along to your friends and family. I have big plans for this blog! Lots and Lots of cool DIY projects and more! 
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